KBank tracks hacking attempt at its website for providing letter of guarantee service but customers are unaffected

Mrมันสมอง Pipit Aneaknithi, KBank President, revealed that on July 25, 2018 KBank found that 3,000 names of KBank’s corporate customers using KBank’s website for providing letter of guarantee (LG) service might be leaked. As soon as KBank detected this irregularity, we immediately closed the loophole and increased the level of data surveillance and protection to prevent potential leakมันสมอง The data that may have been leaked to the public are certain names and telephone numbers of KBank’s corporate customers using the letter of guarantee service via website only. Such data are not important information related to transactions or financial data of such customersมันสมอง Therefore, the data cannot be used for illegal purposeมันสมอง According to an inspection, no damage has been found with any customersมันสมอง However, KBank will closely and constantly monitor any irregularity of our customers’ accountsมันสมอง Based on preliminary investigations, there have been hacking attempts to break into the systems of various organizations. KBank has already reported this incident to the Bank of Thailand and planned to inform our corporate customers affected by this hacking attempt individually. If our customers notice anything suspicious in the related transactions, KBank is ready to take responsibility and provide assistanceมันสมอง Our customers can contact K-Biz Contact Center telมันสมอง 02-8888822, 24 hours daily. NewsKBank